Products I recommend For Any New Parent

Every single one of these products made my life so much easier as a first-time mum and I honestly don't think I would have been able to look after my son without them. I would recommend them to all parents.

Snugglebundl - The Baby Blanket with handles This is exactly what it says and it meant that I could pick up my son from his hospital cot right after my C-section. I can find it difficult picking up newborns if the height and angles aren't right. This eliminated that problem and also meant the Blake didn't fuss when I picked him up.

Ergobaby Baby Carrier Complete life saver, I spent months researching the perfect baby carrier probably the same way most mothers research prams. As a wheelchair user, the carrier meant I could take my baby out on my own. I'm not kidding when I say I used this until he was two and a half years old, so I got my money's worth. When he did finally get too big for it I sat him on my lap with a seat belt when he didn't want to walk. I choose this one above the other due to its insert that allowed me to put him in a frog position. This supports a baby's spine and hip bones correctly rather than having them dangle,

Toddler Reins - Oh where would I have been without a pair of these? Probably in a state of panic every time we left the house. Most parents need these but for me, it was essential to my son's safety and my ability to keep him safe. There was no way I would have been able to catch him if he had decided to run off. I made him use these every time we left the house for over a year. When he finally decided to stop using them I made it very clear what would happen if he got hit by a car. Sometimes you just can't sugarcoat things.

Dropside Cot - Funnily enough I needed to be in my wheelchair in order to lift my baby from his cot. Most cots where not suitable for my needs as they were too high, I did contact a charity to see if they could adapt a cot for me. That is until I came across dropside cots, and again I wouldn't have been able to look after my baby without it. I did find the dropside a little tricky at first but it soon loosened up. This would also be good for parents who suffer from back problems as it would safe you having to bend down so much.

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