Day Out At The Farm

April 13, 2018






Willows Farm has a lot to do and we try and get there as early as possible so we can make the most of the day. They have animals you can feed, smaller ones you can hold. There are two massive sand areas and a giant soft play.  They also have a Peter Rabbit Adventure playground, and with the new film just released that made Blake very excited. He even got to go on an Easter egg hunt.










I would definitely advise your child wear wellies to this place, shoes will get dirty. The sand has a water pump and plenty of buckets and spades so you don't have to bring your own. I think this is one of Blake's favorite things about the farm.












He wasn't too sure about the guinea pig. While he likes animals, sometimes they scared him. I can't remember what type of guinea pig the animal handler said this was, all I know is that is really liked my leather jacket and started nibbling at it!














There aren't many places that I know of where children can pan for gold where I live, and no its not real. But they can find plastic gold and exchange them for a medal. The wind decided to roll in at the exact moment the photo was taken and it made all the hair at the back of his head stand up!

















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