Entertaining Your Child During The Summer Holidays

April 20, 2018

We're are having an amazing week, we are finally getting sunshine and heat and that means two things - park and ice cream! Both of which make Blake very happy, we are fortunate to have lots of parks where we live so there is plenty to choose from. It's nice as one of them is next to his school so he often gets to play with his friends there after. The only downside is the hill I have to go up afterwards for us to get home, but the muscle memory is starting to kick in so it hasn't been so bad the last few times. If we are going there straight after school I usually give him an hour and a half before it's time to go home, and while he likes to get an ice cream I don't allow that everyday.




During this lovely week it has got me thinking after our summer plans. So far we have two holidays booked, one which includes a trip to Euro Disney!  I have my sister to thank for that, it's a treat for Blake's 5th birthday and she's paying for him. However that still leaves me with six weeks to fill during the summer holidays so I'm going to have to think of a few more things. 


Plenty of trips to the park will obviously be a part of that plan, with lots of ice cream too. I'm thinking of getting a paddling pool or some sort of water activity table to keep him amused. He loves messing around with stuff like that, whatever makes him happy! Plus it means that we don't actually have to go anywhere or spend any money, all parents know how expensive the summer break can be.


Another thing I'm going to make use of this year is sidewalk chalk. He likes drawing, so I see no reason why he can't do it outside on my ramp or at the local park. It gets him outside and gives him something to do.


Blake has always loved to do is help his grandma in the garden. So this year I'm planning on getting him his own gardening tools and some flower seeds that he can plant and watch grow. We'll get some seeds this week and he can have fun watering them and watching his flowers grow. I think it would make a cool summer project too!


I try to take Blake to the local library as much as I can. We usually spend at least half an hour there and then go and get some lunch. It's a great way to get us out of the house and get some extra reading done. I love reading and I'm hoping Blake will too. It makes a good day out and the library is free.

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