A Weekend Full Of Fun

April 22, 2018

Blake and I have had a busy weekend and I'll be paying the price for the next few days. It's Monday and I have a lot of stuff to do, but very little energy for it. In that department I'm envious of Blake, he seems to have an endless amount of energy and I wish he would give me some.


Saturday we spent all day at London zoo with his cousins and it was such a lovely day. Not only was the sun shining all day but it was great to catch up with the family. Zoos are not the easiest of places for me to push myself around in, luckily I had plenty of help. Blake was a little at first but he soon warmed up to everyone. The only boy in the family is just 6 weeks older than Blake so they both got on really well.



He likes seeing the fish and trying to find Nemo and Dory, thanks to Disney that is what they shall forever be called. I would like to stop and read to him all the information about the animals, but at this age he hasn't got the patience for that, maybe in a few years.
















By the time we got home we were both really tired, ended up going to bed early as he had a birthday party the next day at a trampoline place! He loved it, and it is a great place for kids. Unfortunately it's not wheelchair friendly at all and there are a lot of stairs. Thankfully, a lot of dads had brought the kids to the party so I had plenty of help!  The place is quite far from my house so I made sure he got their early and we spent some time in the local shopping center. When he got home Blake was still very much in party mode, as you'll see from the picture below. I think next weekend is going to be a quieter one, we have a busy week ahead of school and classes ahead of us.






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