3 Toys I Don't Regret Buying

April 26, 2018

Blake has a lot of toys, I'm not saying that to brag, but we are fortunate enough to have a very generous family. Like most parents I'm fussy about which toys I have in my house, there are toys that will be a one hit wonder, and then there will be the toys that get played with loads and they will grow with him for a few years. There are a few toys that I've bought in the past that I've regretted buying, but as he's gotten older he's become easier to buy for. So here are three toys that I don't regret buying.



   Wooden Train Set 


My Dad bought him his first wooden train set when he was two and my mum and I have added to it ever since. I got him a few extra bits for Christmas, and for his 5th birthday he's asked for the BRIO World - Parking Garage. He'll be able to add his train track to it so I know he will have a lot of fun. The train set is something that he has played with non-stop since he got it, so it's paid for itself by now.









Construction  Toys 


There are two toys in this category so  I'm kind of cheating a bit, but he loves them both in equal measure. That is Lego and Knex, If I'm tired of him watching Television and tell him to go and play he will pick of one these two toys most of the time. He really lives the knex as it has so many different pieces and he finds it easy to use. When it comes to lego he likes the juniors range. He has also asked for Ninjago Lego for his birthday and he's been asking for, I am going to make him help me build it though, as it's one of the bigger sets.










Unless you have a really small toddler I don't know any child or parent that doesn't love playmobil. I think it's the type of toy that inspires a lot of imagination in children and that is what I like to see. It certainly encourages Blake to be creative. I started off his collection on his 4th birthday with the police car, and he asked Santa for some more at Christmas. Blake does want a few of the bigger sets but sadly our house it's big enough for that, maybe if we win the lottery one day.












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