We Have Cat Trouble!

May 3, 2018

For the past 6 months or so I've had a male cat stalk my two girls, in particular my youngest cat Shadow. He cries at my back door on a daily basis for Shadow and she's not impressed as you will see from the video below:














At first I thought it was a hungry stray and would close the kitchen door to keep the other cats out while I tried to give it some food. He never seemed interested so he couldn't have been that hungry. He also isn't that interested in me either, he seems to be here for one reason only and that's my youngest cat Shadow. He doesn't appear to be interested in my older cat Missy.











It took me about three weeks to realise what 'he' wanted, I say he but that actually hasn't been confirmed. I'm basing my assumption on the fact he spends nearly every evening howling at my door. Shadow isn't the friendly type, if she was I think she might have found herself a boyfriend. I don't think male cats stay in 'heat' for this long, so perhaps he really likes her. Too bad she doesn't feel the same.










He has no problem coming into my kitchen, I wonder how long this will go on for? I have asked my neighbours, but no one knows who he belongs to. If I ever find out I hope they take him to the vets. My girls need some peace, one time I came home and he was waiting, he then tried to get in through the front! I'll have an update in a few months if he's still around.







                                                                                     For more cat videos click here

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