Bank Holiday Fun

May 9, 2018

Blake and I certainly made the most of the bank holiday, for the last two days at least. Sunday morning we went to church for the first time in a while. My child has a better social life than me and he's had something on every Sunday in what feels like forever. After church I took him to the park, where he made a friend, his school friend also turned up which was nice. When spent a lot of time at the park playing hide and seek and messing around. Before his friends showed up Blake decide to practise his Tarzan swing, and as you will see he hasn't quite got the hang of it.




After spending all day in the park on Sunday I couldn't face doing the same again on Monday, especially as it seemed to be even hotter than the previous day. So I told Blake I would take him to soft play, I figured he could spend a few hours running around, while I enjoyed the air conditioning while reading my book. However, things didn't go quite to plan.


When we arrived at the soft play Blake and I found that we were the only ones there. Obviously he didn't want to play by himself and he managed to convince me to go climbing with him. I'm sure there are snails out there who could climb faster than me. Anyway I made it, and decided to go down the big slide, Blake wanted to push me down but I said no way. I'll admit I hesitated a little, it's been a while since I went down a slide, and it was either that or climb back down and there was no way I had the energy for that, so down I went. Blake had the nerve to call me chicken, at least I went down, he never! We then decided to have a little fight in the ball pit.




We were the only ones there for about an hour and then some more people turned up so Blake had some friends to play with. I was glad to be back in my chair after all that! We stayed at the soft play for three hours and it still didn't tire him out. I was ready for bed unlike my little energy monster, after having an extra long weekend we were both ready for him to return to school. Blake said he missed being at school, I wonder how long that will last? Next week he has a party to attend so that will be fun, he will have something to do and it should be easier on me. When people have children their childhood energy levels should return so that the parents can keep up with them. It's not easy when your child has far more energy than you do.


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