Spending Time With Family/ Toy Shopping

May 14, 2018

We've had an amazing week, my two aunties from Scotland came to visit us and it's been wonderful having them hear. I only get to see them once or twice a year so we like to make the most of it. Blake has been loving the attention and has been using it to his full advantage. He's been a bit difficult this week, hopefully he will settle down once things get back to normal. Although while they've been here Blake has discovered that he likes chicken and noodle soup, so that's something. I like to make sure he eats as healthy as possible so that's another thing we can add to the list. 


We had another eventful weekday, Saturday he had a birthday to attend at soft play and he really enjoyed it. His friends from school were there so that made him really happy. Blake would live at school if he could, he loves it that much. I wonder how long that will last??




Having dinner with the family, Blake is hugging my mother and that's my Auntie Cathy in the glasses with her friend Martha. A lot of my Auntie Cathy's friends are like family to us so they become honorary aunties. 


That's Blake's half eaten pizza, at least he ate something and he was pretty well behaved for a family outing.






Before we went toy shopping, Blake was given some pocket money and he decided he wanted to buy a toy. We were in there for another half an hour. He couldn't find anything he wanted within his budget so as it's his birthday in a few weeks he's decided to wait until then. Good job too, he has a long list! Before heading off to dinner with the family Blake decided he wanted to play on the race car. While he was in there we had a funny conversation about him learning to drive and having a real car one day.





So that was our eventful weekend. I'm hoping next week will be a quieter one but I'm having doubts. I might get a relaxing saturday if I'm lucky. Our local church are running their kid's club next week so we'll be attending that and if we attend the morning service it means that we will be out all day.

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