My Boy Is Going To Big School!

July 16, 2018

Where have all the years gone? One minute I'm pregnant and the next I'm holding my newborn in my arms, now that's a feeling a will never forget. The next thing I know he's asking me if he can go to nursery at two years old. Then at four comes his first year at school, which has gone by so fast that I haven't even had time to blink.


Today he had his graduation ceremony from the foundation stage, September he enters year one and he moves over to the big school, complete with desks and chairs. It's going to be a change from playing most of the day, there will be a lot more learning involved. I think he's ready for it though, for the past few months he's been wanting to learn more and more.





I think he will still have a bit of a shock though, it is one of the biggest changes that children have to go through. For the most part he is adaptable and I'm hoping he will enjoy the challenge of  learning.



Blake is one of the youngest in his class, so I'm planning on spending the summer doing some learning at home. I'd like him to have a bit of a head start for the year ahead. He's doing well at the moment, but like a lot of young boys he is easily distracted by his friends and is more interested in doing what he wants to do.



I think Blake is due another growth spurt this summer, both physically and mentally. I'm excited to see how he will get on in year one and he's got a really good teacher so I'm sure he will do well.


He's achieved so much this year already and I couldn't be prouder, we are both looking forward to the year ahead.

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