Mummy Can I Have A Brother?

September 11, 2018

I wonder if every first time parent experiences this? Especially if you aren't planning on having anymore children. They ask for a sibling. Blake has in the past had a few comments about not wanting a sibling, but lately he's changed his mind; he now wants a baby brother. Over breakfast he has told me about his plan, first he wanted his baby brother to sleep in his room while I slept in my mother's room. I would have the baby by Christmas apparently. The next morning he has decided that I will have a baby brother after Christmas and grandma will be moving out.




Notice that I keep saying baby brother, he wants me to have a boy. He will not even consider me having a baby sister. Obviously I've tried to explain to him that you don't get to choose, but he's only 5. I haven't fully explained to him how babies are made, although he does know that you need a mummy and a daddy.


Which brings me to my next problem............He keeps saying that I can just ask his friends daddies and even my terrible ex (Blake's 'Father') I don't want him asking random men if they will give me a baby!




I'm not completely sure if I'll ever have another baby, some days I think I'd like another one and the next I'm totally against the idea. But I do know this...........I don't want another baby right now and I'm not going to have one with my ex or one of his friend's fathers. I'm grateful  that I got to eat breakfast in peace this morning without another baby conversation. There is only so much I can take when it comes to explaining the many reasons why he will not be getting a baby brother anytime soon, and the reality is he may never get one.

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