How I Deal With The Whole Santa Thing

November 20, 2018

Christmas is nearly here and every year it seems to arrive faster and faster. I don't mind though I love Christmas, and I have a rule that no one in my family is allowed to ruin my mood at Christmas time. There is nothing I like better than sitting in a dark room with the Christmas lights on, watching Christmas movies. 


For Blake he is looking forward to opening presents on Christmas morning and he can't wait to see what 'Santa' is bringing him. Speaking of the jolly man, I have my own way of dealing with him. As a child my sisters and I believed in Santa and we would spend weeks going through the Argos catalogue and writing lists. We were very fortunate growing up and as adults we've realised just how lucky we actually are. 



When it comes to Blake I am happy that he believes in Santa, however, I have told him that Santa will not just bring presents from the north pole. Mummy has to give Santa money to help pay for those gifts, I did this so that he would understand that he just can't ask for everything and anything. It helps rein things in a bit and gets him to think about what he really wants.


I also like to remind Blake that Christmas isn't all about presents, although it is what gets most children excited. It's also about spending time with family and friends and celebrating the birth of Jesus. I particularly love going to church at Christmas time, it really warms the heart. Blake is happy to attend church and he's really beginning to understand what it's all about.


A lot of parents these days don't do the whole Santa thing for many reasons, but I'm happy for him to believe for as long as he wants. There is only a sort time in children's lives where you can protect them from the difficulties in life and I want Blake to look back on his childhood when he is older and realise just how lucky he is like my sisters and I do.

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