The Benefits of Lego

February 3, 2019

As a parent I can be quite fussy about the toys I allow my son to have, as a young child he pretty much wants anything and everything. One of the few toys we can both agree on is Lego, he likes it because it's fun, I like it because it requires him to focus and improves his fine motor skills. It's always on birthday and Christmas lists and over the last two years his collection has really grown.




There are quite a few lego sets that he can build by himself now. Today he spent hour an hour trying to finish one of the lego sets that he got for Christmas. It's the most he had been quite all week! Lego is really good for a child's brain development it not only helps them focus but they have to follow instructions and use their problem solving skills.


These are the skills that children can sometimes find difficult to apply in everyday life and having to build a fixed set can help children develop these vital skills.


Lego is one of those great open ended toys that can really help a child explore their imagination and also help them to relax and focus on something else for a while. Blake can build a lot of the junior sets by himself and he's always really proud of himself when he completes a set. It's great for building his confidence and also teaches him that just because something is hard and he didn't get it right the first time - it doesn't mean you should give up.


Lego brings families together! I know a lot of parents and grandparents that have passed down their lego to their children and grandchild, It's one of the few toys that really has stood the test of time. When we are having a quite weekend in we usually build a lego set together, one of our favorite ways to pass the time and make sure that we spend quailty time together.



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