Encouraging Your Child's Creativity

March 21, 2019

Babies and children are easily shaped by their environment. It's important to nurture a child's creativity from the get go.  That could be doing things at home or enrolling them in things that they are passionate about. If they enjoy reading, then read to them often. If they enjoy being outdoors then go for walks and play in the park. If they enjoy drawing then buy them paper and pencils etc.


I'm a firm believer than if I child has something they are passionate about and they will focus on that and it makes them less likely to get into trouble. Especially when they hit the teenage years, if a child doesn't have something they enjoy in life then trouble is more likely to come their way.  It's one of the main reasons I'm always encourage Blake to follow his passions as much as my time and money allows.


Blake has never been the type of child that likes to stay indoors. He has the odd day where he likes to stay in, but for the most part he likes to do things outside of the house. From the moment he was born we were out and about going to different places. Thanks to being born in July we took advantage of the warmer weather, I took him to meet family members and he joined me while I was out shopping and having lunch with friends. He never cried much and he was easily settled without taking him out of the baby carrier.



 Fast Forward to now and he always wants to be doing something. He's currently taking drama classes which he really enjoys and he's talked about wanting to try dance classes.


I'm signed him up for a crash course in swimming over the Easter holidays. This one was that I chose, I want him to become more confident in the water. 


I also signed him up for Maths and English tuition. He had a taster sessions last week and he loved it. He is a little behind in these areas so it's something that he needs to focus on. Blake wanted to attend everyday but I said no, that would be a bit too much, even for him.


When we are at home he likes to paint or play with construction toys such as Lego. His last question to me at night is, 'Where are we going in the morning?' Sometimes we don't got anywhere and he's happy with that, other times he demands be taken out somewhere. I don't give in to those demands, there is only so much energy and money that I have.


I do have to plan ahead when it comes to term-time holidays. He wants to do what we are doing, and when we are it.  Cue the swimming lessons, swimming isn't something he's confident with and unfortunately it's not something I can teach him. Hopefully by the end of the course he might be willing to swim in some deeper waters, rather than paddling about in the shallow end.


I'm also praying for some sunshine, that way we can take advantage of the parks and I can keep some money in my pockets. I'm all for having a creative child, but if your not careful things can get expensive very quickly. I like to take advantage of any free opportunities that come along. Always be on the lookout for events and activities in your area. It will also help your child figure out what they like the most. This might change as they get older and that is part of them growing up and discovering themselves. When they grow older they will be able to take charge of their own creativity and the encouragement they received from their parents in their younger years will give them the confidence to do that.








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