Children Need Mental Health Days

April 4, 2019

Mental health issues are on the rise, and it's affecting children as young as four. There are a lot of factors contribute to this, one of which I've found to be the education system. It breaks my heart when my five year-old tells me that he's stressed. He has been looking forward to the Easter holidays for months, it's not the learning that is the problem but the school environment itself.



I'm currently paying for private tuition for Blake to help him with his Maths and English, and unlike school he looks forward to going there. 


The problem with the education system in the UK is that it doesn't allow for creativity when it comes to learning. Children learn in different ways, and what may work for one child may not work for another.


Children face too much pressure to reach certain milestones at the right time. My son has been told that his hand writing needs improvement. He is only five!


As a parent I'm happy with the fact that he can feed, dress and manage the toilet by himself. Handwriting isn't something I would concern myself with until the age of seven. It's not like he can't do it, he can write well effort as well as read and do simple maths. Yet, when he's at school they insist he much do better.


Children today should be allowed days off school for mental health reasons, they should be enjoying their childhood more, not sitting in a classroom all day being forced to learn for long periods of time. Children learn better in short bursts. His intuition only lasts and hour and then the children get free time for 15 minutes. Children learn in groups of five rather than thirty, so it's much easier for them to concentrate and get support that they need.


Our schools are over strenched and under funded, the is having a negative affect on our children. Schools need more funding and teachers need to have a little more freedoom to tach the way they see fit. If the end results are the same then the methods to get there shouldn't matter. Espcially if it has a positivite impact on how children feel about their eduaction.

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